Erok developed his craft on Miami’s South Beach club circuit. 

At a time when Hip-Hop and R&B were gaining momentum, he merged the genres with classic beats from across the spectrum. Dance floors yearned for more and the demand for his sound grew quickly.

Skilfully blending from an eclectic palette ensured that his reputation flourished… and not just along South Beach, but globally. From Barcelona to The Bahamas, from Shanghai to South America, his ability to fuse Soul, Funk, Brazilian beats, Reggae, House, Rock and Hip-Hop pleases the casual clubber as well as the disco aficionado. As the man himself says: “The energy a clever DJ generates is infectious. Our love for music translates to good vibes in any part of the world!”

Erok’s global travels have seen him spin the soundtrack for everything from Hollywood A-listers’ private parties to Formula One events in Monte Carlo, the Red Bull after-ride parties at Chile’s Valle Nevado ski resort, to becoming the official DJ at the world’s top polo events.

He’s a man who never stops – whether it’s touring Europe, Asia, and The Americas, or creative consulting, Erok is on the move, on to the next party, the next club, the next opportunity to bring joy and tunes to the masses. His mantra says it all: “One moment of perfection is better than a whole life of only good, live for the moment!”

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