DJ Lewis Player

Lewis Player is a 25 year old award nominated DJ based out of London.

Holding down long-term residencies at the most prestigious venues that the city has to offer as well as frequent international travel to Sweden, Poland, Greece and more.

Recently joining forces with the multimillion dollar brand “Denon DJ”, Lewis now has backing from one of the main powerhouses in the industry, from the latest technology to touring the world representing the brand.

Specialising mainly in Hip Hop and R&B, his unique talent and ear for mixing these genres has gained him massive exposure and opened many doors which has enabled Lewis to work alongside a variety of A-list artists. That being said, It doesn’t stop there, Lewis can turn up at any open format venue and turn it up from start to finish, mixing everything from House, Bashment, Reggae, Pop, Afro Beats and everything in-between to the highest and most energetic level.

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