London’s premier entertainment agency PITCH | DARK is at the forefront of the music industry worldwide, with their roster of exciting and talented DJs. With equal doses of skill and personality, we guarantee the right artist for your event or club  to spin the soundtrack for your party.


PITCH | DARK is an agency established by top DJs in 2010, to promote professionalism across the industry. They wanted to create a platform for DJs to be represented and endorsed, allowing them to focus purely on the music. In turn they present their roster to club bookers, event organisers and party planners with an online portfolio and booking system, highlighting the flair of each artist. It’s a personalised service, to ensure every club night gets the right vibe, every party has the perfect atmosphere.

DJ Charles Prince and fellow DJ Jojo made their London debut 20 years ago, when they left their native city Paris for the music scene that was taking off in the UK. Working hard on the club/radio circuit, their worlds collided and together they have achieved long careers in this fast-paced industry.

They played premium clubs in London and internationally, building a reputation for creativity and innovation in the music scene. They are long-serving DJ’s with multiple residencies on their portfolio, some spanning over 10 years in London’s top clubs. They consistently and passionately brought fresh beats to growing crowds of followers and they decided to take their business to the next level.

In 2010, they recognised a gap in the market between club bookers, event organisers and party planners finding reliable, reputable DJs for their shows and DJs needing to promote their talent to this diverse audience. They saw the demand for a platform that could attract both and service the industry. They opened PITCH | DARK and gathered likeminded, talented DJ’s, entertainers and creatives and began promoting their services across the nightclub and events industries.

With a host of celebrity clients giving their endorsements and accolades, PITCH | DARK has achieved illustrious success and became synonymous with the hottest DJ personalities, run professionally and reliably across London and the world.

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