Only for the funky people.

Over the past 5 years Shaka has built a reputation as a first class specialist in his unique delivery of House/Disco/Techno and World Grooves.
Transitioning from Party Animal to Music selector/ Vibe creator, he now finds himself a highly in demand DJ at some of the finest Restaurants, Bars and Clubs in London.
Shaka is a resident at top spots Nobu, Maddox, Ours, Mnky Hse and Century to name but a few.
He also hosts a 3hr weekly radio show « THE S.O.S » on the legendary UK House music Select Radio.
Held together by the foundation of House; Shaka’s sets are seasoned with elements of Rare Afro Latin Funk, Afro Caribbean inspired Disco/House to Middle/Far Eastern influenced Techno.
A man who loves to pepper in the Classics with the Fresh stuff, Shaka brings an infectious energy and unique style to the table; blurring the lines between Multiple genres and fusing Old School with New Kool.

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